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produzione guanti in pelle donna
produzione guanti in pelle uomo
produzione guanti in pelle guida
produzione guanti in pelle donna

The expression of Italian glove-making tradition since 1954, passed down from father to son.

“My grandfather started the firm around the 1950s", Sergio De Rosa tells us, “and since then, my family has always produced gloves in line with a clear philosophy: we focus on the quality of our materials and processes, regularly refreshing our collection to reflect the needs of our clientele. Our most popular pieces remain women's leather gloves, but over time, our range has expanded enormously, and today our production spans from classic to fashion styles for both men and women, including casual choices for our younger buyers, as well as driving gloves and uniform gloves."

Our Collection

Our collection boasts a wide range of styles: from the more traditional to fashion fantasy, as well as a selection intended for our younger clientele. Located in the centre of Milan, the heart of Italian fashion, we manufacture and distribute our products worldwide.

Fascinating Facts

Gloves have always been symbolic of fashion and elegance, an essential accessory for those who appreciate distinction and class. Attention to the finished product, a personal relationship with our customers and attention to fashion and market requirements have always been at the centre of our company philosophy; these simple yet strict rules ensure that Sergio De Rosa’s customers truly are completely satisfied with their gloves. Although gloves have now become an everyday item of clothing, it is still considered good etiquette to remove one’s glove before shaking hands with a person – for some a forgotten gesture perhaps. In Masonic lodges, leather gloves are an important part of the clothing, a symbol of honour and candour.