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Although gloves have now become an everyday item of clothing, it is still considered good etiquette to remove one’s glove before shaking hands with a person – for some a forgotten gesture perhaps. In Masonic lodges, leather gloves are an important part of the clothing, a symbol of honour and candour. The glove is “a work of art to be worn”. Our classic range comprises simple, elegant leather gloves, available in a selection of colours, and truly "irresistible". In our fashion gloves section you’ll find a host of styles developed by our designers, with two-tone inserts, stitched detailing or even straps and metal accessories. Our men’s leather gloves are classic and elegant, but sporty and modern too. We select the finest raw materials to ensure an outstanding end product that combines practicality and elegance. Our leathers are selected to make the most of the veins and other features that give our gloves a new, feisty look. Our leather gloves are designed with driving comfort in mind. A must-have... Perfect for improving steering wheel grip when driving. The ideal choice for the higher class driver or any fashionista. Available in a range of shades, from the classic “colonial” to all the colours of the rainbow.

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Production of our accessories (gloves and scarves) takes place in at our factory in Naples, while our offices and warehouse are located at our Milan headquarters.

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