The story of the glove, above all

Leather gloves were originally produced to protect the hands in cold weather or for use in manual labour. Over time they became a symbol of elegance, distinction, of a superior social class. For the ancient Egyptians, leather gloves were a symbol of prestige, with symbolic and liturgical significance: it was no coincidence that a pair of leather gloves were found in the tomb of the pharaoh Tutankhamun. Right back in the time of the Barbarian invasions, the Barbarians wore leather mittens to protect against the cold. Difficult to produce, leather gloves then became very rare and therefore were often looted during raids in various wars. After the invasions, leather gloves became popular in Europe. Leather gloves became an item of clothing which indicated nobility. From the simple "bags" that enveloped the hands of the Barbarians, the garment was developed to take on the shape of the hand. The last century saw the establishment, in Italy, and specifically in the Naples area, of several small artisan leather glove producers who are known today for their meticulous technique, both in Europe and worldwide. And in one of these small companies, the story of Sergio De Rosa sas began.

picture of a painted woman with a glove